Saturday, September 29, 2007

INTELLIGENTSIA is coming to Mercury!!!

This coming Wednesday we will be switching some of our old blends and picking up some new ones from Intelligentsia. If that doesn't sound like a big deal, then let me assure you that it totally, totally is.

Intelligentsia is a swell bunch of dudes hailing from Chicago, who in many ways are analogous to Mercury itself. This is to say that they are unstoppably passionate about coffee, and just so happen to be on the cutting edge of ethical business practice as well. They have pioneered a groundbreaking system of coffee importation known as Direct Trade, which involves purchasing coffee directly from the coffee growers themselves. On average, the Direct Trade arrangement puts 25% more income in the pockets of the farmers when compared with Fair Trade. Thankfully, sound morals don't have to conflict with the quality of the product, as your first sip will immediately confirm.

People get ready for:

The Black Cat Espresso Blend
has a combination of coffees from Latin and South America. full body/ notes of chocolate, caramel, and dried fruit/ lingering sweet finish. Black Cat produces a sublime shot of espresso, and is equally dazzling for traditional coffee.

Kid O
has a combination of coffees from Indonesia and the Americas that produces a creamy and slightly nutty espresso with hints of fruit. Equally good for traditional coffee.

Speaking of traditional coffee, we are also please to be bringing the french press into our everyday line up.

Our first feature will be
The Tres Santos, Colombia- Micro-Lot: Melange is a combination of two exemplary coffees, perfectly complementing one another’s characteristics in the cup. With it's smooth maple sweetness, balanced body of crisp red apples, baked pears, and molasses, finishing into a clean, crisp, mildly citric aftertaste, you'll be hooked. It's a fine press indeed.

Damien and I are passing time cleaning and listening to Otis... if this sounds like a good time (I assure you it is) then come on down, pick up a broom, and groove a little with us tonight. Ok so we won't make you clean, but we will happily make you a coffee and dance as we do it.

Off the record, On the QT, and very Hush Hush
Alice " it's not brain science" Berg
Damien "it's not rocket surgery" Zielinski


KS said...

I think i'm going to burst! Just in time for the long weekend i hope, glee!

Urbanfoodie said...

Guys, it all sounds great, but I was really disappointed that you decided to change espresso beans. The new coffee would be great if I drank espresso straight, but as I prefer a latte, the dark chocolate flavours are too subtle for my liking. Too bad, after I've raved about you guys to all of my friends. Besides, it just isn't good business sense changing the product you built your business on. I'll be making my order to Dark City a.s.a.p.

Disappointed In Mercury said...

f that doesn't sound like a big deal, then let me assure you that it totally, totally is.
You are correct in that it is a totally big deal. You built your business getting us hooked on Dark City's coffee and NOW you are switching. But not only just switching you are switching from a Toronto based company that provides jobs for us here, for a American based company and importing coffee from USA. :(

I am not a coffee snob but have noticed a change in the last week or so in my coffee. NOT AS GOOD IMO.

You bill your shop as "Fair Trade" which to me means you support the farmers which is great as they do deserve, as everyone does, to earn a living wage. But as the old saying goes "charity begins at home" is where this change falls short. You seem to care more about the farmers than the people living next door to you. Am I the only one that sees this as a flaw in your corporate philosophy???

Being socially conscious I think it is important that we leave as small a footprint as possible on the planet. I always try to buy locally but coffee/tea are my indulgences I allow myself. I do know coffee has to be fresh so I can only assume you are having it shipped express to you. How big a footprint do you think that coffee is leaving on our planet? You had a wonderful supplier here and there are I assume other wonderful suppliers here. I can not think of any valid reason to be importing from a company outside Toronto. There are so many great coffee places these days in the city and they ALL use coffee from Toronto based companies with yours being the exception.

I look for several things in a store I frequent. Is the place nice with nice people and staff. Yours does well there. Are they socially aware and doing what they can for the environment and planet. Yours used to do well there but it seems that you no longer support Fair Trade. You do not support your local community. You would rather export profits than invest at home. You are leaving a much bigger footprint on the planet than you need to. You just lost ALL credibility with me.

Good luck in your business and look for me down the street where they sell just as good coffee, support farmers and ALSO support their local community.


pravspresso said...


Do you guys sell green beans?


pravspresso said...


I was wondering if you guys sell green beans. I've got my roaster
going at home now for the past year and can't bring myself to purchase roasted anymore.

If so..please advise.