Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hey there buddy! I Alice Berg have made it out of the rabbit hole and back to Mercury. As amazing as my time off was, I'm happy to be back in my east end hang out. I'm pulling shots with Damien (my blog buddy) tonight.
Seeing as this is the first blog in a while I would like to take a little time out and say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAMIEN." Our very own Damien turned 25 this weekend (they grow up right in front of your eyes don't they. Well he doesn't look a day over 24. Skin like a baby's....
If you are in the market for beans I tell you "Look No Further!" We have a huge selection bagged up for your take home enjoyment. We have the classics ( Quick Silver, Mad Hatter, Espresso, Decaf s.w.p) as well as a few more feature bean. The Extra butter seems to be going quick. Great if you are into the smooth and dark side of things. There is also the India Monsoon Malabar, and the Yemen Mocha Matari (My very favourite) if you feel like going for something special. The feature latte is the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe- classic.
Damien do you have anything to say?

"Yes I do, Alice. I'd just like to take this opportunity to hate on Nuit Blanche for a quick second. What's the deal? Scotiabank dangles a carrot in front of the Art Rabbit and we're all supposed to piss ourselves with gratitude that our city is 'getting cooler?' Sorry but I'm not convinced. I love art as much as the next guy, and any forum for it is, at the end of the day, a welcome one, but here are some things to consider: 1) ask anyone who's been working on organizing the 'art thing' and they'll freely tell you how compromised the work of the involved artists has been due to the corporate money driving the whole operation. 2) this exemplifies my theory that structurally, it is totally impossible for anything revolutionary or even of lasting impact to come from something so top-down. Almost by definition, top-down culture is synthetic and prescribed. The power of globalizing forces in co-opting independent expression is one of dilution and digestible commodification. In other words, such art can be entertaining and little more. Hopefully I'll be proven wrong this year.

Mercury is a perfect example of the many grassroots movements around the city that are breeding grounds for culture I would deem actually meaningful.

Note: When I turned 25 I immediately became 36% more cynical. Thankfully, my latte art also improved 17%, and my shots are 22% more delicious."

Over and Out
A wall and D bird

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