Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Kid-O's in tha' hizz-ouse".

Doug's been yelling that for the past two days and I must agree with his enthusiasm. It really IS the shizzle. Of course any good coffee can be pull badly so that's why I encourage you to get it pulled here at Mercury. But now, if you're stuck in the west end and you need a hit, look up MANIC COFFEE at Bathurst and College on the north east side where Colbalt used to be. They're rocking the only Synesso and Clover machine in Toronto. I must congratulate Matt Lee on opening an establishment that will set the bar even higher in terms of coffee making in Toronto. I look forward to frequenting his joint and geeking out with my fellow nerds.

Congrats to all the participants at the National Barista competition! I was definitely inspired and hope to climb aboard next year's competition and get some free swag, I mean win some medals (or tampers or whatever). And Kim if you're reading this, you'll always be top dog in my books!

BLast off!!


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