Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Do you remember the good old days of Theme?
I do, and frankly I miss them.
So here is what I'm proposing...
Giving up Friday!
I double dog dare you to come in on Friday in your sweat pants. Because when you've left the house in sweat pants it means you've given up hence the name "Giving Up Friday".

In other news...
Toronto Life came in this morning and took some wicked shots of the Merc in action. Look for some shots of our very own Ben "French for Brown Water" Bruneau and Alice "My mom came from Germany when she was five" Berg. Bonus: The Matt/Doug dynamic duo appears secretly!

Yeap, it's a glamorous life for us at the Merc now that the bright lights are upon us, but that doesn't mean we're not still the punk rock counterculture dirt hole we've always been! Now I'm gonna go drink a 26er of cheap rye and throw some sludge at a dude in a biker jacket.

Oh, and one more thing...
If you have noticed that Adrian hasn't been around and wondered to yourself "did they fire that son of a gun? or has he escaped to Mexico..." you can put your mind at ease. The reason for his absence is music related. He was recording some new tracks with his band.
If you haven't heard Barons and Lengthy you haven't heard music. Go to
and download (FOR FREE) their new tracks. Go... Go Now!

-The Berg and Dirt
(maybe the new name for a punk band avec Ben and myself)

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