Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Everyone knows someone like this:You make some coffee. Feeling generous, you offer some to them.

"What kind of coffee is it?" they ask."Because I only drink 100% Colombian."

As if that's the one distinguishing factor between a good coffee and a bad. Yeah, everyone knows at least one person like this. And I'm sure all of you out there in cyber-net-inter-web-land, reading our Mercury blog, know better than them, and feel confident in your (assuredly excellent) taste in coffee. But haven't we all felt a little sorry for them? Don't we all wish that we could... help them? Help them help themselves?

The answer is nigh: the Tres Santos La Planada microlot, a direct trade single origin bean from Colombia, brought to us by Intelligentsia. You may have had Tres Santos before, but you've not had this, as La Planada is the top few hundred pounds of these stellar beans' entire harvest-- the cream of the crop. And it's 100% Colombian, because it all comes from one place, is one varietal, and is roasted by one company. (Take that, 100% Colombian geeks of the world). Not only that, it's been voted the best-grown coffee from the Tres Santos co-operatives for the past three years. So spread the word, and show them the light: come by and have a press, or buy a half pound as a gift (to yourself or another). It's out of this world.

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