Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tomorrow is Giving up Friday. I give you full on permission to wear your sweatpants all day. And hey, you say don't own sweatpants? Well show up in anything that says "I've given up"

Damien Looks super boss today. Come in and see for yourself. Dude and I are just chillin' to The Animals right now. He just confessed the me his long lost dream of joining the circus when he was "like" 7. Well the circus or The Animals... either one.
Wow dude, that's heavy. Thoughts? Comments?
Come on in and let it all out.

C- Colombia Tres Santos is on press right now. It's slammin'. Have a press for here, or wait the "like" 4mins and take one to go.

O- Oh! If you haven't seen the awesome quilts hanging up on our walls today is your last day. What comes next?

F- French Press. Did i mention the French Press...

F- Fresh Cider. Just like powdered cider but Fresh and not made from powder. At 3 monkeys a barrel you can't go wrong.
E- Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is still the feature latte of the moment. Get it before it's gone.

(steve Urk) E (l)- was the best character from Family Matters. Fact. The grandmother comes in a close second.

-Alice "I ain't no band leader" Berg

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