Saturday, January 05, 2008

Well 'holy moley' bros, because we've got El Salvador's unstoppable Monterey Estate featured this week, and if you like clean brightness and mellow earthiness, than 'this Bud' is Mos Def-initely for you.

Moving right along, okay, we are pleased to present the visual stylings of artist Valerie Page, whose outstanding quilts are keeping our walls as warms as our lattes are keeping our bellies. But that's not what they're for- oh no- these quilts are Art Quilts, and they're designed to please your eyes instead of your skin. If you don't think that last sentence was entirely lucid, then I guess you gotta come to Mercury and check it all out, eh?

In other Mercury related news, Obama won the Iowa democratic convention, and Hilldog came in at a whoppingly-bad 3rd place. Then again, that doesn't have anything to do with Mercury.

Finally, I'd like to use my present control of your attention to convey to you that our store hours are gonna be changing. "When's that gonna take effect, Damo?" Well my curious compadre, as of this coming Monday the 7th, the ol' Mercinator is gonna be shutting down at 8 pm. You see, in light of new labour legislation, the basement gnomes whose constant excer-cycling normally powers our espresso machine will be limited to 12 hour shifts.

I lied when I wrote 'finally' at the beginning of that last paragraph, because here's one more: thanks to everyone who contributed to our Goat Fund (either directly or through latte purchase), because the whole project was a Flying Rainbow success. When we count the dough we'll see how many we get.....


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