Wednesday, January 30, 2008


At four am the wind shook our hero awake and one thought was on his mind: "The Mercury sign! I hope it doesn't smash through our front window!"

Sure enough it hadn't smashed any windows, but across the street was a different story. The "?" sign that hung so loyally from its pole and chain was now swinging freely, smashing windows and lights in its wake. "Traitor!" cried Matt. The ? retaliated with a swooping lunge at the beer light shattering it in an explosion of sparks and glass. Just as it made another swoop towards Matt the police showed up to quell this roaring beast. Police tape at the ready the officer made a move to stifle the ?. He succeeded in getting some tape round the monster, but it lashed out again forcing Matt and the officer to roll away else it shatter them too.

After backing up his cruiser the officer pounced again this time tethering the sign to the wall where it whimpered as it tried to break free of the stranglehold the police tape had on it. Moments later the fire department arrived to unchain the mighty beast. They cut it down and put it in the alley away from where it could do any more harm.

As the firemen were packing up their ladder and getting ready to move onto the next sign Matt had an idea, "Say fellas....while you're here, I noticed that our sign is hanging on by a mere thread and I fear a similar situation brewing. You wouldn't perhaps want to slay this dragon in return for a cuppa joe would ya?"

And that's how Matt defeated the Mercury Espresso Bar sign.

Oh, and Neil was electrocuted. But he survived.

The end.

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James said...

I think if one is "electrocuted" it means they were killed, otherwise they're merely shocked.