Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's the freakin' weekend baby I'm about to have me some fun.

Well no, but I will have a nice cup of Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. We did buy them goats so it's only fair that we get to enjoy their coffee as well. You may have heard this story before but goats and Ethiopia have huge significance when it comes to the origins of coffee. Long ago, before the birth of a certain bearded magician, when humanity was nothing more than a bunch of vagrants moping around with goats that were probably as clever as they were, a discovery was made. Not by our forefathers (or mothers) but by our bleating companions. They showed up at the farm after a night out, one fateful day, all agitated and strung-out for some odd reason. Now were talking about Ethiopia here not Columbia so the more obvious answer is not in question (plus we're talking about a time way before brick cellphones and Saved By the Bell, come on people keep up with me) so the farmers wondered what was going down? After a little deductive thinking the farmers decided to follow these party animals into the forest one night, hoping to get a cut of the action (like I said, we weren't too bright back then) and low and behold, these goats were getting down with the berries of the coffee tree.
As for drying, roasting and brewing this mystic concoction I have really no idea. I guess at one point our lovely farmers had to 'one up' our furry, fiendish, friends and decided to add fire to the mix. Way to go. I suspect if goats had opposable thumbs we'd tell a different story, one involving goats on the logo of everyone's favorite corporate conglomerate, not some stupid squiggly lined drawing of a...what IS that anyway?

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