Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sick of going to the mercury blog and NOT finding a new post?
Me too!
So I have taken it upon myself to fill you in on what you've missed while we haven't blogged.
Ben- Working hard at school on his dry point etching, Ben has been consuming lots and lots of coffee. You can feel his vibrations from a full 2 city blocks away. WHIRRRRRRRR
Neil- He went to Guelph and hung out at the new hip spot. I can't recall the name... but I'm told its the new hip spot.
Amber- She is off in NYC!!! BRB? ROFLCOPTER!
Alex- He worked a morning once! 6 in the AM! As if! His pants are way tight-- he probably gained 5 pounds, fatty fatty fat fat. Put away the pie, Alex!
Damien- He got a girlfriend and now he's too cool for us. Sorry, ladies.
Berg- Still Bergin' off. Also, was in the car, sneezed, had no kleenex, and had to suck all the snot back up her nose. As glorious as it was gross.
Adrian- Is an expert jackhammer hammerjacker. You can feel his vibrations from a full 2 city blocks away. WHIRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Matt- Dude is slammin'.
Doug- "Shaddap! I can't hear myself hammering!"
James- Had a baby. Well, four months ago. If you didn't send a card, it's too late to do so now without looking like a jerk.

Also, we all became Civil War reenactors:

You need to get more hobbies. Here's a start: in February we'll be hosting an evening of coffee appreciation here at the Merc. Come and watch Black Gold, a documentary detailing the way the coffee industry works, to the disadvantage of the growers. Then, learn about ways that you can help change the way the industry works through your conscious consumption and the direct trade phenomenon, and try some coffees from the region studied in the film paid for equitably.

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