Friday, January 25, 2008

INTERIOR, DAY-We open on an espresso bar in a trendy part of town. Two baristas are talking shop.

Neil- Hey, you bloggin'?

Alice-No, I'm Alice.

Neil-Ha ha. Hmmmm. I'm hungry, I feel like a sandwich.

Alice-Well you don't look like one.

(They both laugh hysterically)

Neil-You know it's days like this that I wish would never end. Loopy Fridays.

Alice-Rhymes with LIE-days.

Neil-Yeah, ha ha, or PIE-days.

Alice-Fridays are great.....they're like when you come to the end of a really long tunnel, and then the other side is a huge open field and all you get to do is relax on this big green lawn of a weekend......yeah, that's Friday for ya.

Neil-Wow, you just metaphorically metamorphosised my mind.

Alice-That's what great coffee will do to you.

(At this moment a regular customer who has been listening the entire time interjects)

Customer-I do believe that is a simile.

Alice-Yeah, well, that's what great coffee will do to you. It makes you smarter.

(Roll credits)

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