Monday, January 07, 2008

I was having a delicious press of Intelligentsia's Kenya Mathareini Auction lot this evening when those two wicked-cool dudes-- you know, the one with the toque, and the other, with the hair-- came in and got coffee and a ginger cookie. I was like, what? Ginger cookies? Who'd want to put ginger in a cookie? Am I right or what?

Anyway, crazy as it seemed, they were totally into the cookies-and-coffee combination. And they were pretty wicked cool. I thought to myself, "If two dudes this cool could eat a ginger cookie with their coffee, I bet someone normal like me could do it too!" So I did. It was tasty! Thanks for opening up my horizons!

So as the day has grown short for the winter, so have our hours-- a weeeeee little bit. From here until further notice, we will be closing an hour earlier-- 8 o'clock-- daily. (Opening times remain unchanged!) What does this mean for you? It means you have an extra hour every day that you don't have to be here! I know you all love it here so much, but we needed to get you out into the world a bit more. If you're put by 8, then you still have the whole evening ahead of you to go out for dinner, have a shindig, hit the clubs, and so forth, you crazy party people! Oh, don't worry about us! We like to stay at home with the cats. You're young, go have fun!

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