Friday, February 08, 2008


It is Friday after all. So, we can all do a little jig for joy as Saturday's face draws ever nearer to our own. Soon our cold, runny nose will brush against the warm, inviting nose of tomorrow and we'll know(s) that the weekend is indeed upon us.
Hey, I got a question for ya (picture me Neil Rankin, impersonating Damien Zielinski for this one) have you ever been broken up with? Yeah, not so bad. How 'bout over Facebook? Pretty bad. Well, I mean, I guess it's sort of personal, it is FACEbook after all. But, still, come on, that's just one step away from a text message.

On a lighter note. I'm sitting here chatting away to Mark.
He just came in for a coffee and some sweet loving'
he's now on his way home,
and I will be left wrinkled and alone.

We have got some killer* coffee in the house!
This is the scoop on some BRAND NEW BEANS!
Cruz del Sur Organic Peru- Green Grapes, pear, cane sugar, lime, balanced, milk chocolate.
From two growing regions of Peru, Chirinos and Tingo Maria, Intelligentsia's Cruz del Sur provides a refined and elegant cup. This coffee is defined by its peaceful and balanced acidity of lime and green grapes. The sweetness comes across gently as cane sugar, light molasses and fresh pear. The body is affable and soft as it finishes with hints of milk chocolate and honeysuckle. $9.50 1/2lb, 5.50 +tax/press
New Guinea- Lime, sweet spice, creamy, bright, rich, smooth.
With seedlings from the Jamaica Blue Mountain region, cultivation of coffee began in Papua New Guinea in the late 30's. It offers full syrupy body, balanced snappy acidity, and wonderful complexity. Some say it is reminiscent of what Jamaica Blue Mountain used to taste like.
$9.00 1/2lb, $5.00+ tax/press
We also have our regular selection of beans for you to take home..or to work..or to give away.. or whatever.. as long as you show them the love.. and don't break up with them over facebook (ouch!)

*Note that I am using killer in terms of being highly effective/superior, and not as a person or thing that kills. Also not to be confused with any device used by a post office for printing cancellations on postage stamps or the mark of cancellation on that postage stamp.

Well This is Berg and the Rank saying' Happy Friday, Happy Days, and Happy trails to you until we meet again.

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