Friday, February 22, 2008

Now I know what you're thinking....

Actually, no you don't. Because if you guessed freak accidents involving our ceiling fans you were way the hell off.

Our morning crew started off the above blog but I'm now assuming command of this battlestar. I'm declaring marshal law. No more effin' around 'cos the big boys are playing now.

I'd like to first introduce to your XO:

Rwanda Zirkana. Flavor: Tropical fruit, pomegranate, brown sugar Acidity: Lemony, juicy Finish: Clean, sweet, satisfying

Next in command:

Organic Peru Cruz del Sur. Flavor: Green grapes, pear, cane sugar Acidity: balanced, gentle Finish: Light molasses, milk chocolate

Chief scientist:

Colombia Santander. The Dark City single origin offering from the Tres Santos lot. It's mild, with a hint of bourbon, and finishes off with milk chocolate.

-End transmission-

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