Thursday, February 07, 2008

This is the Mercury Blog's
GET DOWN (and make love) EDITION

Valentine's Day in just around the bend...
How are you going to express yourself to the one you love?
well here's a little insider information
Don't go with the following:
a) Flowers- maybe that could fly with your mom... or with a noted that reads "you're a really great pal"... but be warned men do not like flowers. They are pretty and then they die. Not a great metaphor for a relationship.
b) Chocolates/ Candy- coupled with a gym membership might be a little offensive. But there is nothing about candy that says lasting (except for dead weight to carry around...ouch!)
A Puppy- sure, they're real cute and all but remember: THEY GROW UP TO BE BIG, SMELLY, SLOBBERING, POOPING, DOGS. Coupled with the possibility that your relationship may not even last the night, a puppy spells commitment with a capital C, and we all know how afraid you are to commit.
d) Nothing- You insensitive Jerk!

Well it looks like you are all out of options... BUT WAIT!!!
-1/2lbs of fresh coffee -Mercury gift certificates ($5 or $10)
-better yet, come on in and share a press!
It will give you the energy you need to last all night long (take that however you will). Other than a Honey Glazed Ham there is no better gift ('cause who doesn't want a honey glazed ham?!)

Lovin' you right back,
Damien, Alice, Neil, and all the other crazy kids at the Merc. Facebook me!

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