Monday, February 18, 2008

Family Day

It's my family's tradition to always watch Family Guy, Family Matters, Family Man, All In the Family, Partridge Family, and at least a few minutes of the Family Channel on this most sacred of days. At four o'clock sharp we sit around in a circle and regale each other with anecdotal quips on life courtesy of the beloved Family Circus, then it's off to eat at Peter's Family Restaurant in sunny Tillsonburg (on the corner of Brock & Broadway) for some good eats and a friendly environment. After a fabulous chicken finger and hot dog meal (with a side of coleslaw) it's back home for some Family Feud and Family Ties before we hit the hay and dream of next year's Family Day.

How will you spend your Family Day?

If you said Mercury, then you are among the masses because it seemed that everyone decided we were their family today. Thanks extended Mercury family! This is a tradition I can latch onto, let's do it all again next year. Today was way better than our old family tradition of watching the boob tube.

Be among the many and join in on the Family Day festivities here at Mercury Espresso Bar.

From all your aunts, uncles, cousins, and estranged fathers here at the Merc, we say: Happy Family Day!!!

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