Saturday, February 16, 2008


Just for all you Mercaholics who wake up early and check the blog first thing in the morning, this one goes out to you! Party people in the HOUSE!

This is a special morning update: This weekend, it's Ethiopia all the way. Check out our feature, from the Oromia co-op of the magnificent Harrar region of Ethiopia, an aromatic, magical, berry- and chocolate tinged treat for your palette; or on press, perennial favourite Yirgacheffe. But that's not all-- Intelligentsia delights Flecha Roja and New Guinea round out the pack.

It's a beautiful day in the neaighbourhood, and a beautiful day for a latte. Run, jog, ski, bike, skateboard, parkour, waterski, or take whatever alternate means of transportation you can, as that the cold has receded, at least for now.

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TorontoVet said...

Some of us, while we don't mind Rock 'N Roll, don't want to jump into a mosh pit on a Sunday morning. When I came in Sunday morning, the music made we want to do just that. I asked if the staff wouldn't mind changing the music to something a little more subtle, at least for a short period. I was told that you "don't take requests." I didn't ask for CĂ©line Dion, guys. The clear impression I got from you was: "You don't like our music, don't come here." But you changed the music anyway for me, thank you. Next time, bite your tongues and try some good customer service. It'll go a LONG way. Thanks.