Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Well 30 Helens agree: Love hurts, You can never spend too much money on a good pair of shoes, tattoos aren't for everyone, and the Mercury Blog is a thing of greatness.
What does a double americano, a Bearded Ben, and the Beastie Boys have in common?
answer: Mercury. That's right not only do we have great coffee...a great guy like Ben (or should I say FRANK!)...but we also have killer tunes. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
Sub topic: Family Day
don't know about you guys, but my family day was off the hook! Hardcore drinking, wet T-shirt contests, Jello fights, the list goes on. Naw, I'm just messin' wit ya. Dooder you get your head out of that pig! It was tame. Real tame. Way tame.
Ben got a new lip balm and watched youtube videos of cats meowing words. Need i say more.
Hope you all had a wondrous time avec family or sans family. It was a day indeed, you'll have to agree with me on that one.
Promo: Feature Latte.
You know the drill. We have a feature latte and you'd step over your own mother (even on family day? yes timmy even on family day) just to get one. So Let us do the right thing here, save your mother the trip, and walk at a steady pace down to mercury and get one. Simple and effective. This is us helping you helping us helping you to get your very own feature latte.
Add on: I'm starting a brown bag revolution. ALL of the beans we carry are excellent- even if they don't come in a red bag (It's so like you to go for flash over substance). So the next time you're in try a brown bag and feel good about it.
Like my old horse James used to say "impacted fecal matters."
and on that note I'm out of here.
-Alice "Dooder" Berg and Ben "what about impacted fecal matters?" Bruneau

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