Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday February Tenth
-11 Degrees Celsius
Feels like: -23
Light Flurries
Relative Humidity: 61%
Wind: W 46km/h
Sunrise: 7:24
Sunset: 17:41

That's the kind of day it is outside, which makes me wonder why anyone would want to be out there. Why not come on in to the warmest place in our solar system (next to the sun, of course) and warm up with a coffee? I recommend getting a press of the Cruz Del Sur Organic Peru for $5.50 (plus applicable taxes) while it lasts because we are getting low on supplies.

Green grapes! Pear! Cane Sugar! Mmmmm. Lime! Balanced! Gentle! (gentle seems odd with an exclamation point, strike it from the records). Light Molasses! Milk Chocolate! Yep, I just described the beans from the Tingo Maria and Chirinos regions with exclamation points for all y'all. What a coffee that Peru is, worth everyone of these: "!"

Damien sez:

You know what I recommend? Getting Damien Zielinski (of Mercury fame) to make you a double cappuccino to go. It's always been the drink he makes best, but suddenly has slungshot its way to new astronomical heights of righteous excellence and virtue. You know why? Because ever since Alex Tran showed him the Sacred Five-Point Shaolin dose-and-tamp technique, his shots are about %3000 percent better (and they were pretty good to begin with).

Meanwhile, The Zielinski-nator has been developing the world's first X-rated latte art design. Yeah, you read it right- you, dear customer, can have your own sexually-explicit latte or cappuccino. (Naturally, considering the delicacy of Young Minds, a valid driver's license or proof of age will be required if you're under 25. Also, Damien has to be working, because a True Magician never reveals his secrets, know what uhm saying?)

In summary, the phrase of the day is: SEXY WEATHER.

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