Friday, February 15, 2008

So we've made it to Friday- fifth day of the week- "day (of the planet) Venus." And what's the deal with our Feature Bean Grinder? The thing can't stay clean to save it's life. You dose one shot into the group head and end up with two more sprayed across the counter. It breaks my heart to see two shots of coffee wasted for every one shot used! Especially when this week's feature is a beautiful, smokey, oily Bali single origin. I shouldn't blame the Mazzer, for, as the immortal words of Sun Tzu preach: "change must come from within." Get it before the goin' gets. John Lennon once sang of a world without religion, no possessions too. I think he was on to something with that one. Parents will never be able to force their children to floss and zealots will never be able to force the secular to pray. And Alice is so gullible she will believe her own lies (which I suppose on further consideration doesn't make them lies at all. After all we each construct our own reality)
Speaking of constructing one's own reality (and believe me, I don't want to go on a rant here) I'd like to take a moment to rail on a modern piece of technology that is redefining the way people socialize and interact with one another: Facebook. Somehow, it succeeds in being both highly intrusive while remaining impersonal. Facebook is an unhealthy mode of communication which can have disastrous social and psychological consequences. Facebook users become comfortable with their "perceived identities" and very uncomfortable with their "actual identities." It's a constructed society of microchips in which photo-shopped images and carefully constructed Oscar Wildeisms rule the day. People please! This isn't who you are, but rather what you want to be! Get off your computer, get into Mercury, air out your true colours and try a conversation on for size with one of our affable baristas or customers.


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