Saturday, February 23, 2008

This is the "Shout ouT i love Music and aM Going to Take Up a Whole Page Just Talking aBout Tunes - Eat it" Blog.

Berg: Well I'm going to say Brutal Knights. Just name dropping and talking up a band that I'm sure Alex likes more. Now I've never seen Brutal Knights, but I've had many discussions with Crane Boy (the guitarist), and I think it's safe to say that they're awesome. Picture this- You're at a show drunk and pumped, rippin' it up and freaking out. I don't know what I like more, having the beer thrown at me or on me baby! I'm off the bottle for the any beer in my direction is much appreciated. If I were a rock star I know how i'd start every show... I'd emerge from a pool of beer with a Bengal tiger and a large jar of M&Ms (but only the brown ones). Hey, they say beer is great for your hair. Anyway, see for yourself. Make up your mind. Or don't. Whatever. I don't F#%$*&! care. . What about you?
Neil: I'm pretty into Roxy Music right now. I'm pretty down with it. Love Is The Drug is a great song. Later in their career it's a little hit and miss, a little shaky, with ultra glossy production values and all... but I'm pretty into them.
Matthew: What band am I really into right now? I'm thinking Daniel Johnston. Daniel Johnston and this guy called Jandek. Oh man, it's really hard to come by. Oh I'm really digging it. It's like introverted love songs. Daniel Johnston- and he's a really homely looking guy.
What?! Did someone just say Robert Palmer?! No Neil, there is no way you're going to convince me on Robert Palmer.
Neil: But there is this one song. It's pretty cool. Looking For Clues. It's got some great lines in it. That song might change your mind...and your life.
Matthew: No Neil. Sorry. No Palmer! But I've also been listening to a lot of Steve Earle. I'm getting really pumped for the show. The new album is one of the best albums going right now.
Alice: I'm really into the whole Flight of the Conchords stuff. So good. So funny! conchords
There's a little gem to get you hooked. Can I also give a shout out to Mississippi Gary from kids in the hall. That's music related... I don't feel I need to defend myself to you... so what they're both TV shows... there's music... there's singing!... Wow don't get all crazy Neil. Put the gun down Neil!! You know you're the first Man I ever loved!
Neil: Really? I am?!?
Alice: Naw. You're not a man now, and you weren't a man then.
[Neil then shoots Alice and she dies a tragic yet beautiful death].
Matthew: Now that that's out of the way...
Neil: I'm also into something real sexy. Something so hot it will burn you hard. What am I listening to you ask? Oh darn, look at the time. Must be off! Got To GO!
[Damien swoops in like a ninja. No one saw him come on OR put on an apron. But He decided to let his presence be know with one burst]
Damien: ROBERT PALMER?!? No Neil, No.
Neil: But...
Damien: No. So what am i into eh. UUUmmm... I kinda like... the only new thing I've been listing to is Stevie Wonder. Stevie's a genius. Just show me someone who don't like Stevie and I'll show you a guy who don't got no soul. You do not have a soul- you are not human. This music [Arms Aloft- Joe Strummer] sounds like it should be the theme from titanic.
Alice: No wait, Braveheart on the titanic. Maybe a little Frodo getting it on with the last unicorn in the back.
Damien: Nail on the Head. Can we listen to the Animals after this?
Alice: Yes. Yes we can.

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