Saturday, February 02, 2008

It's Saturday night and I ain't got nobody... I got some money 'cause I just got paid... How i wish i had someone to talk to...

Welcome to the Mercury blog. Todays blog is brought to you by robots. Cause what's better than a whole lotta robots?
answer: Nothing! (But a great cup of coffee is a close second)

If you wanted a brewed coffee, or just to try something new...
Have I got a press for you!
(Lame Rhymes inspired by Neil Rankin)
- Los Inmortales El Salvador 5.5o+ tax
- Los Delirios Nicaragua 5.00+ tax
- El Cuervo Guatemala 5.00+ tax
When I've got 4 mins to wait, I go for a press 'cause they're GREAT! (The Rhymes are lame, but the coffee is excellent!)

So back to robots for a second. If they [robots] ever have an evil twin like Data from Star Trek you'd better watch your caboose. Evil robots are like totally so much more evil than evil people. Remember Bender's golden counterpart? Bender was evil already so his twin was like double evilly! Then we have everyone's favorite governor we have to shout out to. Terminator! Ok so Arnie is all eviling it up in the first one... and i know that in the second Arnie and the liquid metal cop aren't twins...but man does that movie rock. It has everything really- Blood, Guns, Hardcore action, and LIQUID ROBOTS! yeah!

Feature Latte alert! No need to freak out... We've got the Yemen Mocha Matari coming at you from all angles! Alice Berg was over heard saying "WOW! This has got to be my favourite feature ever! of all time! Tonight I'm going to go home and write BEST DAY EVER on my calender". So if you want to be as cool as the Berg, but you don't want to dye your hair, come in and get the feature. It's $4.75 of straight up coolness!

New Idea! Rock'Em Sock'Em Robot Reality Show. It's a combination of American Gladiators and Intervention, with a splash of Trading spaces and Handyman Superstar challenge. "What would that look like?" you ask... Well other than AWESOME...
First show I'm the Blue Bomber and Alex can be the Red Rocker. Go Blue Bomber! Knock His Block Off!

Well I guess that brings us to the end of the Robot Blog. Alex says "Go Play in the snow. It's fun"
The Berg sez " Never forget where you come from... ROBOTS!!"
P.S- I think Tran is going to be listening to The National all night long. So if you to want to get down wit your bad self to melancholy rock.. come on in. The door is always open (until 8pm. Then we're closed... and you're out of luck... and coffee... and melancholy rock... just sayin')

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